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Otto’s Market has been a part of the Germantown community since 1927 and in its newest incarnation four friends from Columbia County are taking the store into its next generation. 


You’ll find abundant produce from the Hudson Valley and a variety of local products. In addition, Otto’s will continue to carry your everyday basics as well as a thoughtful selection of specialty food items and of course, everyone’s favorite deli sandwiches and baked goods. Over the next few months we’ll be putting a strong focus on revamping our prepared food section and we’re excited to share those new items with you.






215 Main Street
Germantown, NY 12526



Mon - Sat 7am - 7pm
Sunday     7am - 5pm

Sept 1st 7am - 5pm
Sept 2nd 7am - 3pm
Sept 3rd 7am - 3pm


our purveyors

We're proud to carry local Hudson Valley produce and regularly work with:

  • Blue Star Farm
  • Bulich Mushroom Co
  • Common Hands Farm
  • Dirty Boots Farm
  • Farm On! Foundation
  • Greig Farm
  • Heermance Farm
  • Herondale Farms
  • Karl Family Farm
  • Klein Kill Fruit Farm
  • Letterbox Farm
  • Lineage Farm
  • Mead Orchards
  • Migliorelli Farm
  • MX Morning Star Farm
  • Obercreek Farm
  • Paffenroth Gardens
  • Poughkeepsie Farm Project
  • Rexcroft Farm
  • Rock Steady Farm
  • Roxbury Farm
  • Samascott Orchards
  • Sky Farm
  • Sparrowbush Farm
  • Starling Yards
  • Sun Sprout Farm
  • Ten Barn Farm
  • Tousey Farm
  • Turkana Farms
  • Whistle Down Farm
  • Wright's Farm
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Our products 

The stocking and service at Otto's Market ensures that it's just as easy to pull together ingredients for a full meal as it is to grab a bite to go. We are continuously updating our offering to align with seasonal availability and customer needs, but we can always be counted on for:

  • Sandwiches

  • Prepared foods

  • Cuts of meat

  • Local produce

  • Pantry staples

  • Fresh bread

  • Baked goods

  • Coffee

  • Beer & Cider