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Did you
know Otto’s has Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies AND Chips Ahoy?

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photo of wild hives grains and flourWild Hive Farm Community Grain Project

Clinton Corners, New York


This “micro mill” grinds Hudson Valley organic grains in small batches. They are committed to supporting sustainable farming and sourcing their grains exclusively from local and regional farmers. We carry: Stone Ground Polenta, Hard Red Whole Wheat Bread Flour, Whole Wheat All Purpose Flour, Scottish Oat Chops, Grain Stone Ground Chops Mix


Photo of Oliver Kita Chocolate barOliver Kita Hudson Valley Naturals Chocolate Bars


Handmade in Rhinebeck, these bars are made with organic and fair trade chocolate. We have to agree with Chocolatier Oliver Kita’s sentiment: Chocolate everyday!


Flour City Organic Pasta


In the early 1800s, Rochester was dubbed the Flour City because of the many flour mills that were located along waterfalls on the Genesee River in the city’s downtown area. Honoring that tradition, Flour City Pasta handcrafts organic pasta in near by Fairport. Their whole-wheat and emmer flours are locally grown and milled. They make shaped pasta the 'Old World' way using bronze dies imported from Italy. These dies give the pasta a unique, sauce attracting texture. And who doesn’t want more sauce on their pasta!


photo of Olli SalumeriaOlli Salumeria


These artisanal, slow-cured meats are based on original 160-year-old family recipes and made with pork from heritage-breed pigs (Berkshire and Mangalitsa). As one chef succinctly put it, Olli Salumeria is “one fine line of designer swine.”


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