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Did you know
Otto's has 11 types of peanut butter, almond butter and Nutella?

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Nueske's Applewood Smoked Bacon
This award-winning bacon is smoked for 24 hours over an open fire of applewood. Since most of the fat is rendered in the smokehouse, Nueske's bacon doesn't shrink like other brands when cooked. It’s won national acclaim from The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Saveur Magazine and Cuisine Magazine.


Nature’s Path Toaster Pastries
These delicious pastries are organic, made with love (so says the website) and a bunch of other wholesome ingredients. Our Jen said something like “I loooove those new pop-tart things. They are like soooooo good. And I think they are even healthy or something for you.”


Imagine Organic Creamy Broccoli Soup
We added another delicious soup to our organic line-up. Simply heat it up right from the box or try it over a hot baked potato topped with cheddar cheese.
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Fra' Mani Handcrafted Salumi: Classic Italian Sausage
Fra’ Mani handcrafts salumi in the finest pastoral Italian tradition from the highest-quality pork, raised with no antibiotics and 100% vegetarian feeds. Coarse-ground sausage links are seasoned simply with fennel or anise seed and garlic. Great grilled or in a classic tomato pasta sauce.

Halloumi Cheese
Throw this cheese on the grill! This Mediterranean cheese can handle the heat! Instead of melting when cooked, Halloumi browns beautifully. Halloumi is pure sheep's milk cheese and is equally good fresh tossed in a salad or on a sandwich.

Nettle Meadow: Chevre: Garlic & Olive Oil
Healthy, happy goats are the secret to this carefully handcrafted artisan goat cheese. Who wants cheese from a grumpy goats? This upstate New York farm treats their 150 goats very well. Of course this chevre is delicious on a cracker but try it on a pizza, in lasagna or mixed with mashed potatoes.

Gaucho Green Chimmi-Churri
We’ve heard two stories about the origins of chimichurri sauce. One is that it was invented in the early 19th century by an Irishman named Jimmy McCurry, while he was helping fight for Argentina’s independence. 'Jimmy McCurry' some how got mangled into 'chimichurri.’ The other story is that is was developed by gauchos to tenderize their lean, grass-fed beef. Which ever story you choose to believe this stuff is essential...some call Chimmi-Churri the Catsup of Argentina.

Each bottle of Gaucho Green Chimmi-churri is marked with vintage year and improves with age. Pick up a 2007 vintage and cellar it beside your 1958 Barolo.

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This Tunisian hot sauce is the secret ingredient in Ken’s spicy Carrot salad. Wait, maybe I’m not suppose to mention that…


Nature’s Path: Flax Plus Maple Pecan Crunch
I bet if you aren’t careful you could eat a whole box of this delicious organic cereal in one sitting. And why shouldn’t you? It’s delicious AND healthy. The flax seeds give you a hefty omega-3 boost.


Lucy’s Sugar Cookies
There are no peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat or gluten in these sweetly packaged cookies. Dr. Lucy started this product because her kid has severe allergies and she wanted to prove that a modified diet could still be delicious. We think these tasty little cookies certainly accomplished her goal!

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